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Concrete Floor Staining in
Bar Harbor, Me.

My name is Mike Day and I own Day's Concrete Floors, Inc. We do concrete floor staining in Bar Harbor, Me.

We recently stained a concrete floor in Trenton, Me. which is on the southwestern tip of MDI (Mount Desert Island).

If you're looking for a concrete contractor who stains concrete floors in Bar Harbor, Me and surrounding areas then contact us or give me a call (207) 592-5171.

The finished floor, stained & sealed!

stained concrete floor in Bar Harbor Me.Concrete floor stained with Canyon Brown floor stain

This house, being built by Tobin Peacock of Peacock builders, had concrete floors throughout the entire house and all were stained with our canyon brown concrete floor stain.

Getting the concrete ready to stain

The first thing we did to prepare the concrete floors for staining was scrape off any debris stuck to the floor like caulking, spray foam, and glue.

We also went over the entire floor with a floor buffer and a black pad to lightly sand the surface, then vacuumed the floor twice, followed by wiping the floor with denatured alcohol and a micro-fiber mop. 

Once the concrete floor was dry, it was ready to start staining. There were multiple rooms in this house including a bathroom, hallway, entry and a garage floor.

Staining and sealing all the rooms

stained concrete floor in Bar Harbor Me.This is part of the hallway
concrete floor staining in Bar Harbor, MeThis is the bathroom

We stained the concrete floors, applied two coats of concrete sealer and two coats of floor finish. The end result was a glistening, almost polished look with a nice sheen to it.

concrete floor staining MDIHere we are applying the sealer
concrete floor staining Mount Desert Island, MeAnd the floor polish

Stained concrete floors are easy to maintain

We use an acrylic concrete sealer and floor polish to seal the stain into the concrete and provide for the wear surface.

The finished floors are quite easy to maintain with a microfiber mop, water, and a mild, non acidic floor cleaner.

You can periodically apply more floor polish to touch-up areas or give the floor a "like new" look again.

Stained concrete floors are a great choice for floors with radiant heat.

Why bother covering the concrete with another type of flooring when you can use the concrete as the finished floor!

concrete floor staining in Bar Harbor, Me.My guys applying the sealer

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