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Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floor
in Hampton Falls, NH

We installed this reflector enhancer epoxy floor on a garage floor in Hampton Falls, NH.  This was a new garage and the owner wanted a unique design but also something that was very durable and easy to clean.

Reflector enhancer epoxy floor

The first thing we did was grind the floor to open the surface and create a sandpaper profile for the epoxy to bond to. We use our walk behind grinder with our HEPA vacuum to get the job done right.

Prep for epoxy coating in Maine

After grinding and cleaning the concrete floor we install our moisture blocker primer epoxy coating and let that dry. On this floor we also installed a black base coat of epoxy.

Black epoxy garage coating

Once the base coat is dry, we start installing our reflector enhancer coating. For this project we used both Russett and Gunmetal colors in a 50/50 mix.

Reflector enhancer epoxy coating

The unique properties of reflector enhancer epoxy allows for a lot of movement in the epoxy after we roll it out. So you never really know what it will look like until it's dry.

Reflector enhancer epoxy floor coating

All our epoxy coatings, including reflector enhancer, are very durable and strong. We use only 100% solids epoxy. We can add a slip-resistant additive to our clear top-coat so the floor isn't too slippery when it gets wet.

Reflector enhancer epoxy floor coating

If you're looking for something unique, something different, a floor no one else will have, then a metallic epoxy like our reflector enhancer is what you're looking for.

Reflector enhancer epoxy garage floor coating

Take a look at all the colors we have to choose from. Here's our color chart.

You can choose one color or mix & match colors of your choice.

Reflector enhancer epoxy coating

Coffee reflector enhancer epoxy

Reflector enhancer epoxy floor coating

Gunmetal and Titanium reflector

If you like these floors and want an estimate, just send me a request.

Day's Concrete Floors, Inc is Maine's certified and trained installer of reflector enhancer epoxy coatings.