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How we pour concrete floors
in Maine

I made this video to show you how we pour concrete floors. If you're looking for a concrete floor contractor in Maine, this video shows you how we do it.

My two guys and I have over 60 years of experience pouring concrete floors. We specialize in this, we pour a floor just about every day somewhere in the state.

In the video, we're pouring a 30 yard concrete floor in the Topsham/Brunswick area. We're using a conveyor concrete truck to pour the concrete. The conveyor will reach about 40 feet, it's was very convenient in this case.

This floor has radiant heat in it. The concrete was 5" thick and had fibermesh in it for reinforcement. We use a laser level to make sure the floor is as level as possible.

As you'll see in the video, we don't use a vibratory screed like most newer contractors. We still screed the way we were taught, by hand. We've done it both ways and feel we get floors much flatter by screeding by hand.

We power troweled this concrete floor very smooth and sawed expansion joints in it to help control shrinkage cracking. We do this to most all floors we install.

If you're looking for a concrete floor contractor in Maine give us a call or request a quote. We pour concrete floors in Topsham, Brunswick, Portland and all the surrounding communities.

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