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Garage Epoxy Floor Coating installed in Winthrop, Me.

This homeowner wanted a nice looking, easy to clean but not slippery epoxy coating installed to his garage floor. He decided on our epoxy quartz coating which consists of us broadcasting a colored aggregate (like sand) into the epoxy while it's still wet. 

As you can see, this was a pretty typical garage floor before we installed the epoxy coating. It had some staining, a few cracks, and some chips and pop-outs in the surface.

The surface also had a white, chalky dust that seemed impossible to get rid of even after vacuuming it.

This is what the garage floor looks like now. The epoxy coating with the quartz aggregate gives the surface some texture but is still easy to sweep clean.

The quartz also adds strength to the epoxy coating making it very scratch resistant and less likely to damage if something heavy is dropped on the floor.

Our epoxy floor with quartz consists of a primer/moisture blocker coating, then the colored base coat with the quartz broadcast into it, then a clear top-coat.

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