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Garage Epoxy Floor Installation
in Lewiston, Me.

This is an epoxy floor installation we did to a garage floor in Lewiston, Me.

The concrete floor in this garage was in pretty good shape. The floor has a slight slope to the center drain. 

The homeowner wanted a nice looking floor and he wanted to protect the floor from ice and salt damage.

Epoxy floor in Lewiston Me

This picture is just after we diamond ground the floor. It did look a lot dirtier before we ground it. Diamond grinding really cleans the concrete and prepares it for the epoxy coating. 

The epoxy needs to have a strong bond to the concrete to last a long time. Diamond grinding is the best way to prep the concrete for an epoxy coating.

Garage epoxy floor in Lewiston, Me

Here's what the epoxy floor looked like after the install. This garage was 32' x 28'. The epoxy coating really brightens up the garage and will make it easy to keep the floor clean.

Epoxy floor installation in Lewiston, Me

This picture shows where the garage door comes down. The area outside the garage door tips down on this, and most garages.

Where the concrete tips down (outside the garage door) usually is the first place to show ice and salt damage. 

Our epoxy coatings will protect the concrete and keep it from spalling when the salt drips off your car in the winter.

Epoxy flooring in Lewiston, Me

Here's a close up picture of the epoxy flake coating. We have 17 different colors to choose from.

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