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Epoxy Floor Coating
in Falmouth, Me

This is an epoxy flake floor coating we installed to the main entry, hallways, and bathrooms for Handy Boat Services and Marina in Falmouth, Me.

They had some rubber mat flooring on the concrete and it was not looking very good. It was also very difficult to keep clean. 

Handy Boat removed the rubber mats and we came in and installed a new epoxy floor for them.

Epoxy flooring Falmouth, me

Here's what the concrete floor looked like after the rubber mats were removed and after we diamond ground the floor to clean and prep it for the epoxy coating.

Epoxy floor Falmouth Me

Another before picture of the hallway. We had to patch and repair some cracks before applying the epoxy.

Epoxy floor coating in Falmouth, Me

This is what the epoxy floor looked like after we applied the base coating of epoxy, broadcast the flake into it, and applied a clear top coat.

Epoxy floor coating in Falmouth, Me

Another view down the hall after (same coating, the lighting isn't as good) the epoxy and flakes were installed. The epoxy coating really gave the hall, entry, and bathrooms a nice clean look that'll be easy to clean and maintain.

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