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Garage Epoxy Floor Coating
in Augusta, Me

This is an epoxy floor coating we installed to a garage floor in Augusta, Me.

This was a new garage floor and the homeowner wanted to protect the floor from salt and ice damage, make it look nice, and make it easier to keep clean.

Epoxy floor coating in Augusta, Me.

This was what the concrete floor looked like before we installed the coating. The concrete was in good condition, we just lightly ground the floor with our diamond grinder to clean it and prep it for the epoxy.

This is what the epoxy coating looked like after we applied the base coat of epoxy and broadcast the decorative flake into it. 

This is our sandstone colored flake. We have 17 different colors of flake to choose from.

Here's the finished epoxy floor with the clear top-coat. The flake gives the floor a slight texture so it's not too slippery.

This is a seamless, waterproof coating that will protect the floor from salt dripping off your car. Oil spills are easily wiped up, and dust, dirt, leaves, and pine needles can easily be cleaned with a broom, vac, or leaf blower.

If you'd like and estimate for a garage floor coating like this one you can request a quote or give me a call at 207 592-5171.

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