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Epoxy Flake Floor in
Oakland, Maine

This garage floor already had an epoxy coating the owners had bought from one of the big box stores and installed themselves.

As you can see, it was wearing off all over, especially where the cars came in and out.

In preparation for our epoxy coating, we grind the old epoxy off and get back to clean bare concrete. We repair any cracks, chips, and spalling, then vacuum the concrete to clean it.

For this garage the owners chose our "Outback" colored flake. We applied a tan colored base coat and did a full broadcast of the chips into the base coat.

Once the base coat is dry, we remove any excess chips, scrape and sand them smooth, then apply our clear polyaspartic top coating. 

Our garage epoxy coatings are great for sealing the concrete, make the floor easier to clean and maintain, are chemical and scratch resistant, and give the garage floor a "finished" look.

If you're thinking of an epoxy floor for your home or garage, you can request an estimate or give me a call.