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Concrete Floor Installation
in Gardiner, Me.

We installed this concrete floor in Gardiner, Me for a new home being built by a building contractor.

We install concrete floors and slabs for builders, homeowners, and foundation contractors in Gardiner, Manchester, Litchfield, and Sabattus, Maine.

This is a 4" thick concrete floor that has radiant heating tubes installed in it. A common way to install the radiant heat tubes is with the 2" styrofoam under it and the wire mesh to tie it to. 

Over half the concrete floors we install have radiant heat tubing in the concrete floors.

This is the concrete all poured in place. All we have left to do is power trowel it smooth.

If you have a concrete floor in the Gardiner Maine area you need installed, you can request a quote or give me a call. (207)592-5171

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