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Concrete Floor Installation
in Freeport, Me.

This concrete floor in Freeport / Brunswick, Maine area was for Stone Cold Bait and Storage. It was a 5000 square foot addition to their existing building. 

I was hired by Lajoie Bros. Inc to place and finish the concrete floor. We had to pump the concrete, which made the pour pretty easy.

Pumping the concrete is the easiest way to get the floor poured. This was a 90 yard floor, 1 man could hold the hose and 1 man could break down the concrete with not much effort.

Four of us had this floor all placed in about 1.5 hours. Lajoie Brothers did all the prep work, laying the wire mesh and installing the iso-strip around the perimeter.

We used a vibre-screed to level the concrete on this floor. It's a little easier then bending over and kick-screeding.

Here's the concrete floor all poured in place. We install concrete floors in Brunswick, Freeport, Yarmouth, Cumberland, and Falmouth, Me. 

We travel to install concrete floors all over southern and central Maine. If you're looking for a concrete floor contractor in Maine, give us a call (207)592-5171.

We power troweled this floor smooth, then sawed expansion/contraction joints in the floor to help control shrinkage cracking. 

If you're looking for a concrete contractor to pour a concrete floor you can request a quote or give me a call.

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